Amplifying Black Undocumented Voices centers the author’s personal and lived experiences as a Black undocumented immigrant with DACA as well as a qualitative study conducted in 2021-2022 of the experiences of 15 undocuBlack college students.

Within the next few months, Felecia’s new article, “The (Un) Embraced: The Experiences of Black Undocumented Students on College Campuses” will be published and available for access in the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. 

In 2024, Felecia will be hosting a series to discuss her newest articles and her new book. To inquiry about hosting the series at your institution, contact us at [email protected].

Amplifying Undocumented Black Voices is a scholarly advance that seeks to promote the stories of Black undocumented students and center their lived experiences. This is a timely and important contribution, given that so much of the extant literature on undocumented students has largely minimized or erased Black undocumented college students. It aims to highlight the invisibility, lack of belonging, and isolation Black undocumented students face in the undocumented community and the United States at large.

Felecia’s book will be published in 2024 through Routledge Publishing! To book her for speaking engagements, contact us at [email protected]