Author, DREAMer, Leader, and Speaker

Embracing Undocumented

An online platform to promote the visibility of the Black immigrant, including those who are undocumented through story-telling. 

My American story started when…

My American story started when I set foot on a college campus.” | Featured on PBS

Featured on Ed Surge Podcast. 

Also, on the World Wise Podcast.

Dr. Felecia Russell is offering a speaker series with a focus on best practices for creating inclusive spaces on college campuses for Black undocumented students. The speaker series are available to universities, community colleges, non-profit organizations, and K-12 college counseling and access teams. For more information about the series, see below. To book Dr. Russell, please email [email protected].

Learn more about Felecia’s book Amplifying Black Undocumented Student Voices in Higher Education

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Keynote Speaking 

If you are looking for someone with an inspiring story, Felecia is available to speak at college graduations, high school graduations, on podcasts, and other motivational events. 

Her speech will leave your students, faculty or staff activated and encouraged. See below for her recent speaking experience. 

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