Felecia is available for keynote speaking, and also provides trainings and workshops on how to work with undocumented students and other marginalized groups.

Upcoming Events: 

Cornell University (October 21, 2021) : keynote speaker at undocu event

California Polytechnic State University (October 29, 2021) : keynote speaker for undocu-week

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Keynote Speaking

Felecia is an inspirational and captivating speaker. Her experience ranges from commencement ceremonies to key note addresses, and she is sure to leave your audience activated and encouraged. See below for her recent speaking experience and more.

Training & Workshops

If you are looking for someone to provide trainings and workshops for teachers, counselors, advisors, or anyone working with undocumented students, Felecia is skilled and ready to work with you. She has her Master’s from Pepperdine University and is working on her doctorate at Temple University. 


Stanford University (March 2021): “Felecia beautifully and eloquently presented on her experience navigating higher ed and the realities of being Black and undocumented. The students and attendees were grateful to Felecia for her presentation on a topic that is seldom discussed but of crucial importance to our communities”– Jacob Velasquez, Assistant Director of El Centro Chicano y Latino

California Lutheran University (November 2019): “Felecia epitomizes resilience, strength and optimism. Her journey is one worth knowing. To see her transformation from young immigrant student struggling to get by, to accomplished empathic leader paying forward her gifts, is an inspiration.” Matt Ward, Vice President of Enrollment Management 

Harvard University (March 2021): “Felecia joined Act on a Dream and presented about her life, her work, and the importance of including the narratives of black undocumented people in conversations about the undocumented community. Her presence was magnetic, full of energy, and filled with passion. Her story is an incredibly important one and we recommend everyone find the time to listen to it. Especially at a time where undocuBlack immigrants are targeted at a disproportionate rate, her story is really important. We are excited about the potential to partner with her in the future and we hope everyone finds the opportunity to do so.” – Daniela + Oswaldo, student leaders 

Pepperdine University (January 2021): “Felecia’s presentation was so timely. Being able to hear the story of how her intersectionality and faith has played a role in not only her’s but her family, was encouraging. Students and staff at Pepperdine were encouraged by her vulnerability, and honored to hear her story during the MLK event at Pepperdine University” -Sharon Wakio, Assistant Director of Residence Life for International Students

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ASHE (October 2021): Felecia was a panelist on a discussion titled, “Conducting Research With and For the Undocumented Community.”

Rutgers University (April 2021): Felecia delivered the commencement address at the Undocumented Student Graduation.

University of Utah (February 2021): “Through this connection of her own experiences to the larger issue of Black undocumented (in)visibility, Felecia Russell facilitates a thoughtful discussion about an often unrecognized topic that immigration is a Black issue.” Chris Macias, Director of Dream Center, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

University of Riverside (January 2021): “Felecia inspired students, staff, and faculty, to grow as allies. She brings her personal and academic expertise on what the experiences are of undocumented Black immigrants, and provides insight on how the immigrant community/allies can better support Black immigrants. We highly recommend Felecia as a speaker and presenter and we hope to invite her back to campus in the future.” UC Riverside Undocumented Student Programs

Saint Peter’s University (September, 2020): Felecia presented on her research and Embracing Undocumented.

Delaware State University (October, 2019): Felecia served as the keynote speaker to 150 DREAMers.

University of Delaware (October, 2019): Felecia presented on the executive order (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and brought a much needed discussion to faculty and students.