Born in the poverty-stricken village of Johns Hall, Jamaica, raised by her strict Seventh Day-Adventist grandmother, Felecia Russell was ecstatic when she was brought to Inglewood, California at just twelve years old. It was her first time living with her mother, who was the matriarch of the family. Afraid and ashamed of her undocumented status, she hid her family’s secret from her friends, teachers and counselors. Her immigration status further lessened her options, and she soon had to make a decision to find a path for herself. However, Felecia beat the odds and is now hoping to influence others to do the same.

Amplifying Undocumented Black Voices is a scholarly advance that seeks to promote the stories of Black undocumented students and center their lived experiences. This is a timely and important contribution, given that so much of the extant literature on undocumented students has largely minimized or erased Black undocumented college students. Additionally, the literature on undocumented immigrant students has largely focused on the Latinx population. While this population is important, the unintentional consequence is that researchers, storytellers, and allies ignore Black undocumented immigrant experiences. Awareness and understanding of Black undocumented immigrant experiences will aid in effectively supporting Black immigrants. This book centers on a qualitative study that engaged the experiences of undocuBlack college students and the author’s own personal and lived experiences as a Black undocumented immigrant with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). It aims to highlight the invisibility, lack of belonging, and isolation Black undocumented students face in the undocumented community and the United States at large.

Felecia’s book will be published in 2024 through Routledge Publishing!